GHR Consulting attended a fantastic event on April 26th in the Galmont Hotel in Galway. The
main topic under discussion was the collaboration between Galway City Partnership and the
Galway Chamber, supported by the Government of Ireland. ‘Inclusive Pathways to
Employment’ is a new project which offers specialised long-term support to job seekers who
may be unemployed due to physical, sensory, or mental health difficulties. The aims of the
project are to improve participants’ chances of gaining employment, education, training, or
volunteering opportunities, by:

● Advocating with employers on their behalf, and
● Providing assistance with job-search techniques, applications; CVs; interviews.

Galway City Partnership/ Galway Chamber will work closely with employers to help them
overcome any issues they may face when recruiting people with difficulties. Employers will
be assisted in accessing grants and incentives that are available if hiring someone with
physical, sensory, or mental difficulty, and disability awareness training for companies will be
organised. In conjunction with the Disability Federation of Ireland, Galway City Partnership
and Galway Chamber are offering free training for employers, which offers amazing insight
as well as tools for greater diversity within the workplace. Continued support will be offered
to both the employer and employee after placement also.

This is an excellent project so If anyone is interested in getting involved, please get in touch.
You can contact, or