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Confused about recent changes to HR policy?
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Free HR Hotline 0818 456 456

Understand and improve your HR policy by meeting with a HR professional

HR Consultation

We will provide an overview of your companies compliance

HR Policies

Are your policies up to date? Are your staff aware of the company’s policy?

Contract of Employment

Are you aware of the regulations for an employer / employee contract?

Performance Management

We can design a performance review strategy that will work in tandem with your business objectives, ensuring business continuty and better results.

Employee Engagement

Better strategies to improve retention. Identify what attracts top talent to your organisation and what helps keep them there.

Staff Training

We can plan and organise all your training needs for the coming year, including refresher and followup courses for management and c-suite executives.


We identify your business strengths and weaknesses around personnel, and target key talent to enrich your business culture.

General HR responsibilities

Our service ensures you have a HR department to call on when you need without the heavy cost of a full-time HR professional, saving you time and money.

"GHR Consulting brings you HR best practices with strong business and pragmatic local knowledge and have introduced an innovative approach to our HR Strategy. Ruairi offers substantial strategic value, which is critical for our growth and organisation development.”

Alan HavertyCEO, Outlier Design

MidWest Fire and Security: “GHR Consulting’s approach is that of a true business partnership. GHR Consulting has supported our business in establishing a solid talent base in recent times by helping us in sourcing and selecting the right talent. Ruairi has supported us in shaping many of our internal HR initiatives.”

Peter MernaghCEO, MidWest Fire & Security

The Corbett Group: “As a rapidly growing company, we wanted to implement the right HR structure from the start that would accommodate future growth and organisational development. GHR Consulting helped us develop our HR strategy while aligning it with our business philosophy and strategies. While working with Ruairi, we found that he understood our needs, was creative in his solutions and professional in his work. I would not hesitate to recommend them for HR consultancy projects.”

Jon Corbett,CEO, The Corbett Group

Brazco Coffee Academy: “GHR Consulting offers an extremely high level of professionalism, higher than we have ever experienced with other HR service providers. Ruairi makes sure we look after our biggest asset – our employees, and he customises his services to fit our needs. We would strongly recommend GHR Consulting to anyone who is thinking of outsourcing their HR function”

Linda LydonOwner, Brazco Coffee Academy

Jon Corbett

“GHR Consulting helped us develop our HR strategy while aligning it with our business philosophy and strategies”

Human Resources, and particularly Employment Law, is a complex area which requires specialised advice. When it is dealt with professionally, it can help your business to not just attract but also retain the best talent in the marketplace. However, when handled incorrectly, it can result in high staff turnover, WRC (Workplace Relations Committee) fines and potentially costly legal battles.

GHR Consulting specialises in providing businesses with a professional and personal HR service without your organisation being required to pay the cost of hiring a full time HR Manager. We offer a tailored service to your business specific needs.

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