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What are Real-Time Reviews?

Real-Time Reviews are a modern twist on the traditional Performance Management methods implemented in organisations as a review on their employees’ performances and behaviours. The Real-Time Review process involves continuous feedback and frequent ‘real time’ check in’s. 

How do Real-Time Reviews compare to Traditional Performance Management Reviews?

Real-Time Reviews have been praised for delivering high performance through flexibility, accuracy, and consistent engagement in comparison to traditional performance management reviews. Typically, traditional performance management reviews are carried out bi-annually or annually, leaving gaps for incidents to remain unsolved and poor working habits to develop. One of the most common complaints about traditional performance management reviews is their time-consuming nature. The average manager spends up to 210 hours per year completing performance reviews. 

Benefits of Real-Time Reviews

  • Provides employees with more frequent input on their progress ongoing work, which can allow time for both employee recognition and course-correction when needed.
  • Managers can use the feedback sessions to give more input on how the performance needs to be changed to keep the project on track.
  • Employees have a more formal and open opportunity to share their frustrations, so managers can address issues sooner, allowing more issues to come to light.
  • Having more frequent check-ins reduces the chance that an important issue will be ignored because it’s not close to review time. Additionally, minimises the chance that the issue will no longer be relevant by the time feedback is given.
  • Positive employee recognition can be gained during these types of reviews, which can improve employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • Managers can focus on future needs rather than dwelling on past problems. This allows managers to take on more of a leading role during the meeting rather than a disciplinarian role, making the meetings something to look forward to rather than dread.
  • Frequent check-ins can be a way to learn where there are skills gaps in time to actually get training in place, which will help employees meet their goals

Here at GHR Consulting, we work closely alongside our clients to monitor and implement Real-Time Reviews using HR Locker. By changing the tone and making reviews more frequent and constructive, we can create a conversation between management and employees. A conversation that becomes part of keeping your staff on track and focused on what matters. “If you invest in your employees they will invest in you. It’s that simple”, Adam Coleman, CEO, HRLocker.